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This story is about Liberty and JT's child.

Title: Josh

Summary: The story begins 15 years prior to the actual plot, during Season 5 of DTNG. Liberty has given birth to a baby boy named Josh. However, due to her age and schedule, she and JT(the baby's father) had to give him up for adoption. A few months later, a family from Seattle adopts the baby. JT and Liberty say goodbye to the baby, under the impression that they will never see him again. Five years later, Josh's adoptive parents are killed in a car accident. Once again, he is placed in an adoption agency. A few weeks later, Chuck, a very rich man, adopts him and they immediately move to Toronto, the city where Josh was born. Ten years later, Josh has grown up to be a very intelligent, athletic, and friendly 15 year old. He is in Grade 10 at Degrassi Community School.

JT and Liberty have been happily married for 10 years. They have not had any children, however, they are still trying. Liberty becomes the new chemistry teacher at Degrassi, and JT is an actor for a famous Canadian comedy series: "Two For the Money." As the weeks go by, Liberty takes a liking to Josh, the smartest kid in the class. However, she does not know that Josh has a shattered home life. Chuck is an abusive drunkard and a womanizer. Liberty begins to suspect that there is something familiar about Josh, but she just can't figure out what it is.

One night, Chuck comes home extremely drunk from a party. During a heated argument, Chuck beats Josh and throws him down the stairs. When the news reaches JT and Liberty, they take Josh in and turn Chuck into the police.

The more they get to know him, the more JT and Liberty suspect that Josh may be their son. After some investigation, they find out that Josh is the child that they gave up so many years ago.


So...what do ya'll think? Should I continue or not?
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GOOD JOB! I would change the part about josh being athletic, and the whole father thing, that hits a little bit too close to home w. craig.

oooh. WHat about Liberty not wanting to have anymore children because she feels that she doesnt deserve the right after giving up Josh. JT doesnt get it and they fight. They seperate as Liberty begins to suspect that josh is hers. When she gets closer to finding out she recruits JT. They fall back in love! you continue from here...

haha i dont know. I am kinda going crazy w/ this! just an idea