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::Live It Fast::

The-N Fanfiction
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to The N Fanfiction

This community is for fanfiction based upon tv shows on The N. Fanfiction: You [the writer] will write your own stories, scripts, and happenings about the certain topic. Critics of the community will review your stories. This community if for true Degrassi [and others] fans and aspiring young writers here on LiveJournal. Have fun, and enjoy your stay!

This community requires a few simple rules. And they are...
01) Writers and critics may join. Write your stories while others review them!
02) All racy subjects/racy topics/language is acceptable in your stories.
03) Post a warning if your story is pretty racy.
04) Fictious characters are acceptable in your stories.
05) All stories must be fiction about tv shows/relationships regarding The N.
06) Writers: don't feel offended if a critic insults your story. Thats what critics do!
07) Don't start fights, have fun, and write away!